The BDX Mega Pack is a collection of .bdx files managed by Rubedo, collected from many sources to allow players of Jam With the Band and Daigasso! Band Brothers DX to easily access and play .bdx files. Please note that Rubedo has not actually created any of these .bdx files and only collects files made by other players.

BDX Mega Pack

The current version of the BDX Mega Pack is version 2.4. If you have an older version, feel free to delete the entire pack and replace it with the new version.

Version Date Uploaded Link
2.4 7/29/12 Download
2.3 2/28/12 Download
2.2 10/18/11 Download
2.1 4/10/11 Download
2.0 12/21/10 Download
1.4 10/6/10 Download
1.3 7/18/10 Download
1.2 5/31/10 Download
1.1 5/23/10 Download
1.0 5/23/10 Download

Expansion Packs

Occasionally, Rubedo will release minor updates with a few new .bdx files. These are "Expansion Packs" and are meant to tide players over until Rubedo decides that the amount of new .bdx files is sufficient enough to make a new version, and until he can get off his lazy butt and fix things that need to be fixed from the current version of the pack.

All Expansion Packs related to your current version should be downloaded (for example, if you have version 1.4, you would download both 1.4.1 and 1.4.2) unless there is a new full version released.

With the release of BDX Mega Pack 2.4, it is currently unnecessary to download any Expansion Packs.

Version Date Uploaded # of New .bdx Files Link
2.0.1 2/21/11 9 Download
1.4.2 11/24/10 14 Download
1.4.1 10/23/10 20 Download

Other Packs

The packs within the Other Packs folder in the BDX Mega Pack are not considered part of the pack proper, and contain mostly untranslated and unsorted packs. It is however encouraged for active players to browse through them to see if there is anything that they recognize, and send the required data (Romanized song title, Anime/Game title, Artist name, etc) to Rubedo, for inclusion in later versions of the pack.

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