Here you may upload BDX files that you have created or obtained from other sources. Please fill out as much of the form as possible and follow the rules detailed below.

  1. Do not claim that you created a song which you did not create.
  2. If you do not know who created the song, leave the field blank.
  3. Do not upload incomplete songs. Songs do not require lyrics (even if they should have them), but it is preferred if you add them.
  4. Do not upload songs available in the top level packs (Those not in the "Other Packs" folder) unless you have edited it in some way. If the song is edited, please give it an (Edit) tag.
  5. If the song is originally titled in Japanese, please rename it to English characters before uploading. Remember that renaming it on your computer does not work, it must be renamed in-game.
  6. Do not upload songs from the French 1015 Pack without renaming them to a proper name.
  7. The Source column should either read "Created" (as in, you yourself created it), "Wi-Fi" (if obtained from Wi-Fi from your personal save file or someone you know's save file), the title of one of the Other Packs (such as "French 1015 Pack"), "BanBro Uploader" if you obtained it from the BanBro Uploader or "Other:" with a short description of where you obtained it.
  8. Files should be uploaded to a file sharing service with little or no wait time, preferrably MediaFire.
  9. The Origin column should only be filled in if the song was from a video game, Anime or TV show.
  10. The Video column is not required. Do NOT link to the actual song, this is ONLY for recordings of the BDX. Do not upload the video to a file sharing website, upload it to Youtube or another similar website.
Song Artist Origin Creator Uploader Source Video Link
Negai ga Kanau Basho II Jun Maeda Clannad ~After Story~ Makar Makar Created MediaFire