Use the table below to see if your flash cart is compatible with Jam With the Band (E). If you do not see your flash cart and/or firmware listed, please add it. Virtually every flash cart will definitely work with Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (J), so do NOT add compatibility listings for DBBDX, only JWTB.

Firmware Working?
CycloDS Evolution 1.60 OR B.4 Yes

WoodR4 1.18

Supercard DSTWO 1.07 Yes
Touchpod 4.8f/Sakura 1.49 No
R4i v2.7e No
WoodM3 1.15 No
YSM3 6.40


YSM3 7.04RGF Yes
akAIO v1.8.1 Yes
EZ - Flash Vi (kernel 3.0OB7 - FW108) Yes

Emulator Working?
No$GBA 2.6a. No$Zoomer 2.3 No
DesMuMe v.0.9.6. svn3852 x86 No
IDeaS Works but Fails to Load/Save.