Degausser is one of the two tools that players can use to add .bdx files to a Jam With the Band/Daigasso! Band Brothers DX save file, created by Neobeo. The other tool is BDX Tool. Degausser is not as stable as BDX Tool and may run poorly on older computers. It is also of note that additional steps must be taken in order to load a Jam With the Band save file into Degausser, as Degausser natively only accepts 8MB save files.

Setting Up Degausser

Degausser can be downloaded here:

Please read the included readme file for details on how to use Degausser.

Using Degausser with Jam With the Band

Degausser natively only accepts 8MB save files, and thus Jam With the Band's save file must be split apart in order to load it into Degausser. Additionally, you can only load 150 songs into a JWTB save file as opposed to the 200 with a DBBDX save.

IMPORTANT: If using a Jam With the Band save file, you must disable "Import only to custom" before adding songs, and only insert songs into Download Slots 1-100 and Custom Slots 1-50. You must leave Custom Slots 51-100 empty. Songs in Custom Slots 51-100 will not appear in game and could potentially cause lag or freezing.

Originally posted on GBAtemp by Lookie401
Also, I found a "trick" for those who want to use degausser to add in songs, especially using the download slot. degausser will only accept a save file that's 8MB (and IMO should be the true save file size). Of course this only apply to WOOD user right now. You have to figure out a way to trim the 32MB save file to 8MB. A nice and free program called HJ-Split will do the job. Before you start MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE JUST IN CASE.

- Download and unrar/unzip it.
- Copy your save to the unrar/unzip folder.
- Start program "hjsplit.exe" and select "split".
- Select "input file" and select your save file. Double-click it or hit open.
- Where it says "Split file size" type in "8" and in the drop-down menu select "Mbytes".
- Select "Start". Now there should be four new files in the unrar/unzip folder named "[filename].nds.sav.001" to "[filename].nds.sav.004"
- Close program.
- Start program "degausser.exe" and go to File > Open SAV > and select "[filename].nds.sav.001".
Note that you need to change the files of type from "SAV Files (*.sav)" to "All Files (*.*)".
- Add songs!

- When finish, save file and start up "hjsplit.exe" and select "join".
- Select "input file" and select "[filename].nds.sav.001". Double-click it or hit open.
- Change location of the output file or else it will overwrite the old 32MB save file.
- Select "Start".
- Move save file back to microSD card and enjoy!